Breivik is just the beginning, my friends

With a defiant closed-fist salute, a right-wing fanatic admitted Monday to a bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense.

On the first day of his long-awaited trial, Anders Behring Breivik rejected the authority of the court as it sought to assign responsibility for the July 22 attacks that shocked Norway and jolted the image of terrorism in Europe.

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“I don’t recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism,” Breivik said in his first comments to the court.

“I admit to the acts, but not criminal guilt,” he told the court, insisting he had acted in self-defense.

He was just the first to make a splash, as it were. History ebbs and flows with acts such as these, acts by singular individuals who are true believers. One does not have to be dark skinned and play to Allah to be considered a true believer. Maybe that is what is wrong with us in the West, that we are not longer able to grasp the concept of those who are true believers in what they hold dear.

Breivik is a true believer. Further, he feels under attack. He feels like a protector. Worse still, he feels like a prophet. In some ways, he is. He is revealing to us the undercurrents of European reactionary thought to the changing world order. Of an interesting note, another prophet, this one heard only after he died, is the author of the books about girls and tattoos who like to kick over hornets nests, ]]. One of the undercurrents of Larsson’s books is the rise of the pro-white politics in Europe and the reality it is bringing to life as the world insists that these beliefs ended in 1945. He too was a true believer.

You may wish to dismiss the actions of Breivik as one of a moral monster, labeling him insane. I do not believe he meets the definition of the last one. He knows exactly what and why he is doing what he is doing. He knows full well why he rejects the legality of the courts and why it is necessary to murder, Old Testament style, the children of your enemies. What’s more, he wrote this down. He wants others to follow him. They will.

Pray for the people of Norway and Europe.

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5 Replies to “Breivik is just the beginning, my friends”

  1. I’m in NO way justifying Breivik’s actions, but understanding a bit of the European mindset, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner (maybe it did and I just wasn’t paying attention) Due to their allowing unchecked entry of Muslim immigrants (socialsm needs a “lot” of workers to pay for all their niceties), many are fearing the Crusades again and with the birthrate of native Norwegians (Germans, Swedes, etc) being close to 0, and Muslims having many children (average 8 children per muslim household in France), they are feling the loss of their sovereignty. (Maybe that’s a bad choice of words..), but I think percentage of 1% – 7% (depending on where you get the info) musim in Norway, when 12 years ago in was close to zero. I have a friend in Norway who says there is one university in Oslo that is now ALL Muslim. It must be the Viking blood…I do’t ever want to back a Scandinavian into a corner. Ever see the Swedish Chef get angry? 🙂 A traditionally Lutheran nation (I don’t know the stats on the numbers now) but the Christian religion is practically dead in Scandinavia.

  2. Questions for you to mull over.What is the skin colour of nearly ALL European and American politicians? What is the skin colour of nearly ALL the heads of multi nationals? What is the religion of George Bush and his family, the same family who ‘got into bed’ with the Saudis and the Bin Laden family? Yes, there many facets of Islam which are abhorrent and should cease immediately (Opression of women, forced marriages, rape, murders, beatings). Who actually has control? Is it the ‘evil’ forces of Islam, or White males? Who controls the banks, the political machinery, policy?

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