Breaking News: Pat Robertson says something stupid – first time for everything I guess

Or not. Look, Pat and countless others daily abuse Christ and the Christian message.

It is so common place to expect Pat to say something stupid that I think people have stopped caring.

Don’t give him any more attention.

And don’t, for the love of all that is holy, move to Saudi Arabia to beat your wife… divorce your wife with¬†Alzheimer’s…believe in a pact Haitians made with the devil… and watch the 700 club.


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5 Replies to “Breaking News: Pat Robertson says something stupid – first time for everything I guess”

  1. I am not one to defend Robertson but he made a joke. Some people need to loosen their sphynxters and lighten up a bit. people get bent out of shape so easily these days a person needs to not say anything as they risk offending someone no matter what they say.

    Give it a rest and stop micro-analyzing everything a person says. it is better to make sure your words are in line with God’s before attacking others.

  2. Yes, he made a joke.

    About wife-beating.

    In my world, there are things about which one doesn’t joke.

    After his joke, he went on to say, “I guess we don’t condone wife-beating anymore …” That sounded less like a joke and more of a concession that one can’t beat his wife because of social pressure. Not a statement that it’s wrong.

    Lastly, he’s coming down pretty hard on a woman he’s never met and whose side of the story he hasn’t heard. Exactly what is this rebellion and lack of respect? She asked him to help do the dishes? Asked him to pick up his socks? Said she wasn’t “in the mood”?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Sitting in judgment of a woman after hearing a letter briefly outlining one side is beyond irresponsible.

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