Books I’m Reading: Cicero

Fred Craddock, the great narrative preacher, recommended to his students and preachers that they read a fiction book, co-mingled with their preaching materials. This allowed them to learn to tell a story. This isn’t all that different than recommending someone read outside their career field in order to keep focus on their field as well as to take a break from it.

I love ancient Rome, and the more so the Stoics and those who wrote the imagination of Rome. So far, I’m enjoying it because it is my first real introduction to Cicero, the orator who gave us an anti-Caesar. For me, as a personal note, I find that Cicero is the first one to help give us a divine Cato, something my dear friend would later use in his writings to counter Nero.

I also find myself wondering if, during these times, if we might find a Cicero?

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