Book Review: The Word of Promise: The Gift of Psalms

I received this beautiful book in the mail this past week from Thomas Nelson and was quickly taken with it.

The Skinny:

The Word of Promise: The Gift of Psalms is a beautifully bound book which immediately grabs the attention of the reader. The paper is heavy and glossy with an elegant background. It includes excerpts from fifty of the best-loved Psalms and features corresponding devotionals by Lori Jones. The Psalms are taken from the text of the New King James Version of the Holy Bible and dramatized in an audio accompaniment by many of Hollywood’s finest.

It is a beautiful book, inside and out.

The not-so Skinny:

It is a beautiful book in presentation and content. The Psalms includes some of the most well Psalms, such as 23, 40, 90 and 139 – these are my favorites. If you are devotional reader – I am not – you will find this book beautifully written in responses to the Psalms and find the devotionals on a much more mature level than others that I have read. It is more meatier than more, while staying away from deep theology like the rest. This is a fault, but an attribute to the book itself.

The voices include Michael York, Joan Allen, Jason Alexander, Harry Hamlin and others who have voiced other parts in the larger Word of Promise: Old Testament series. Their talents are not wasted here, although it is difficult not to hear Jason Alexander and not think of George Constanza from Seinfield fame. The psalms are read by the actors with the eloquent music in the background – never too loud, and never distracting. I have found myself forsaking my normal vehicular listening routine of music to listen to these Psalms.

One of the complaints that I have heard about the NKJV is that it is not readable, but listening to these Psalms, that complaint is put to rest and I gain a new appreciation for the NKJV. The voices are not over dramatized which helps to keep the focus on the actual text. The devotionals are read as well, but there is one glitch – they actually read the verses in parenthesis. It makes it stilted and causes the rhythm to be broken.

Over all, this book isĀ  a treasure within itself and the audio cds are indeed the crown jewels. The only complaint that I can find is that it does not include all 151 Psalms – but even with that, I can imagine this book becoming a gift for all times and seasons.

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