Book Review: Rachel's Tears – Still Gripping Ten Years Later

Rachel’s Tears, written by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott with Steve Rabey, is about a typical teenage girl who was dedicated to following and serving Christ. She was the first of 13 victims at the Columbine High School shootings in April of 1999. In this book her divorced parents tell of a young girl, wise beyond her years. And of a girl devoted to serving Christ even through the challenges of being a teenager.

Rachel’s Tears is an inspirational book that will make you question your own walk with God, and how devoted you are. Rachel’s parents tell the story of how their family has dealt with losing their daughter on that horrible day. Though Rachel has passed on, her parents hope by telling her story, they will inspire other youth to take a stand for Christ no matter what others think or say.

Throughout this book, there are moving excerpts from Rachel’s personal journals. There are drawings, poetry and written prayers. In these journal pages we come to know a young girl who dealt with heartache, like we all do. A girl who dealt with loss, like we all do. They show a young girl who rose above it all and had a deep yearning to do something more for God. Rachel Joy Scott was a kind loving girl who went out of her way to be nice to the “outsiders” who came across her path.

Overall, this is a very moving book that will touch your heart deeply. It’s very informative and it makes you see these victims as more than names, but as people who had hopes and dreams of their future that was cut short. I would recommend this book to anyone who deals with Christian youth and also to teenagers who are struggling, trying to be Christians in this day and age.

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