Book Notice – @KregelAcademic’s “Seeking the City: Wealth, Poverty, and Political Economy in Christian Perspective”

This is huge book – 900+ pages. It does look interesting, however… You can see the table of contents and read a chapter, here. See it on the Kregel Academic page as well.

A biblical, historical, and practical examination of wealth and social justice

People of faith have always been in search of a homeland—from God’s first calling-out of Abraham to the Pilgrims who came to America to establish the “city upon a hill”. Fundamental to this quest for a just, holy civilization—and one of the critical questions facing us today—has been the progress of humankind on the earth When has human progress served the vision of “seeking the city which is to come” (Hebrews 13:14) and God’s mandate for humanity to fill and rule over the earth? And in what ways has progress undermined that vision?

In Seeking the City, Chad Brand and Tom Pratt sketch out a biblical vision for how God providentially works throughout history as well as through society’s structures of politics and economy to cause His kingdom, the City of God, to come on earth. Complicating the pursuit of the ideal city is the fact that the ability to make a living is threatened and new pressures to conform to the rising world system will mount as Jesus has warned us. This book will help Christians to understand the times through the trifocal lens of the Bible, history, and theology and then to respond with wisdom to the many pressing issues of the day, including work, wealth, the size of government, taxation, welfare, the environment, and social justice.

I follow Chad on Twitter. He and I are known to disagree pretty heartily over certain issues, but he seems like a solid guy. He is wrong, of course, on that particular issue, but… (I don’t know what it is like to be wrong)

If you get a chance, check out this book.

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4 Replies to “Book Notice – @KregelAcademic’s “Seeking the City: Wealth, Poverty, and Political Economy in Christian Perspective””

  1. I could care less about chapter 24. I would like to see
    “Epilogue: Obama, Bull Moose, and the White Queen”.
    Perhaps we would see where the authors stand, in the overall scheme of things?

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