Book Notes, @ivpacademic’s “Spirit of God: Christian Renewal in the Community of Faith “

While at times dense and jargon-laced, these essays are perhaps what the cautious rationalist needs to start toe-dipping into the fires of the Spirit. There are swatches of useful concepts – see especially Amos Young’s “pneumato-personalistic theology of creation”. Estrelda Alexanders renders a gorgeous explanation of why so many attempt to distance themselves from perceived pagan influences and Barbeau perhaps gives the most concise descriptions of the “Aldersgate” incident and the surrounding psychobiographies and clips from journals I’ve seen. If you’re currently mired in the academia and thinking of taking the Holy Spirit out for a test drive and wanting to kick the tires, this is for you. If you’re already dancing in the sanctuary and wonder why everyone else is in “sit, stand, sit-mode” – these  informational essays will explain everything. The collection is highly engaging and the variety of authorship and perspective makes this one to have on the shelf for your upcoming essay or to prep for long conversations with those who are wondering where the spark went, why – and how we might get it back, carefully. 

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