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women in the ancient near east
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Women in the Ancient Near East provides a collection of primary sources from a broad range of Near Eastern civilizations, from the earliest historical and literary texts (c. 2700 BC) to the latest Hellenistic historians who comment on Near Eastern history (e.g., Berossus, c.205 BC). The book is a valuable resource for historians of the Near East and for those studying women in the ancient world. It will move beyond simply identifying women in the Near East to attempting to contextualise them, following the latest research in gender studies.


Preface Introduction: The Ancient Near East and the Study of Women Part I: Sumerian texts 1. Women in myths, epics, poetry and proverbs 2. Women in law Part II: Akkadian texts 3. The feminine in myths and epics 4. Women in medicine and healing magic 5. Women in the legal realm 6. Women in letters 7. Women in administrative and other contexts Part III: Hittite texts 8. Women in Hittite ritual 9. Hurro-Hittite Stories

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