Book Announcement: Victim No More! by Shauna Hyde

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Gonzalez, Florida

New Book: Victim No More! by Shauna Hyde.

Energion Publications announces the release of a new book, Victim No More!. This is the first book for Rev. Hyde, who has already traveled extensively with her Victim No More! message, speaking at rehab centers, counseling centers, women’s retreats, church services, youth rallies, etc.

With a BS in Biology from Marietta College, Marietta, OH, Shauna worked at Microbac Labs for 11 years doing environmental work. She then obtained a Masters of Divinity from United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH, and was appointed to the Belmont-Nine Mile charge in the St Marys, WV area.

“As a United Methodist minister who is also a black belt in Shota Kahn karate I am often asked how I can be both a martial artist and a pastor. There have been a lot of jokes about how I will force people to the altar or smack people who get out of line. Then there is always the joke about no one wanting to disobey me in the church because I know how to hurt them! In reality, anyone who is a true martial artist and/or has a deep understanding of the martial arts knows that it is not about violence – it is about mercy, self-discipline, a lot of routine practice, and a whole other host of characteristics that I would like to address .”

Shauna Hyde is currently the Pastor of Parish Life at Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, WV. “Karate is a tool that can help people grow, understand, and become disciplined. Church is a tool that also helps people grow, understand, and become disciplined. The greatest tool of all to be used to empower others is the constant and abundant application of grace.”


About Energion Publications:

Energion Publications is located in Gonzalez, FL near Pensacola. Victim No More! is the 48th entry in their growing and diverse catalog. For more information:


Phone: 850-525-3916

Mail: P. O. Box 841, Gonzalez, FL 32560

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