Book Announcement “The Mystic’s Revelation: Praying John’s Apocalypse” (It’s mine, so the title may change)

The title is always up to change, but this one seems to encapsulate what I feel about this project. Another main title might be “Contemplative Revelation” or with the first word a verb, as in contemplating.

This book comes from a previous project while in seminary, but has festered for a while.

I tend to view Scripture as a dynamic thing — active and action causing. While on the academic side, I love to study it; however, on the theological side, I have come to appreciate the hearing of Scripture in a variety of ways, especially in litany prayers and throughout the liturgy. Taking this passion for hearing and performing Scripture to the next level, I feel  Revelation is a book hidden under our constant wars of what the author means or doesn’t mean or will mean. I want to see Revelation used for something different than consigning sinners to hell while the righteous have a ticket off this rock. I think it is much more than that, so much more.

This book, then, becomes useful for those who engage in the spiritual discipline of praying. I have taken the entire book of Revelation (maybe I miss a verse here and there) and turned it into a living prayer. In other words, I want congregations to use it as they build their Sunday services, groups to use it as they pray in unison, and individuals to use as they lay awake at three in the morning, stressed and worried about the coming day.

The length, I hope, is relatively short. I would really like 125 pages or so. Something  handy.

My goal is to have it completed and turned in to the publisher (Wipf and Stock) on 1 November. One of my personal goals is to attempt to write two books a year — an academic book and one for the Church. With my upcoming phd work to commence in September, I will most likely only get through this one this year. I have an idea for an academic book, one I’d like to pursue next year. We will see, I reckon. Hint(s): Virgil. Lucan. Jesus. Mark. Cato. Matthew. Luke. John. Plutarch. Presentation. Myth. Legend. Bios.

I was told by one publisher that there is not much of a market for this type of book — devotional — and that may be the case. Of course, who would have though the bible would become a national bestseller in Norway. As I did with my previous two books, I will post regarding it.

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