Book Announcement: @RickBrannan’s “Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure”

Rick Brannan’s work here is going to be helpful for those interested in something more than word studies — for those interested in relationships among those words. Take for instance Brannan’s breakdown of 2 Timothy 3.16. Most of us stop at the “inspired” part but through this relational study, Brannan builds the prepositional connection between the four statements and Scripture’s proper use.

Oh..wait… you haven’t seen it? Well, order it.

This look at the grammar and syntax of Second Timothy uses a unique combination of a block outline of the Greek text with an English interlinear to expose the letter’s structure. Discussion uses traditional grammatical and syntactic terminology as well as newer terminology from the realm of discourse grammar to support the reader in exegesis and teaching of Second Timothy.

Indeed. Runge is mentioned throughout, but this is Brannan’s work. I look forward to more in the series.Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure provides the student of the Greek text an invaluable resource in parsing the structure and meaning of that structure, an important action, as they study the epistle. Go beyond word studies to examine the relationships between those words.

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