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more than enchanting
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Women have always been central to the life of the church. From the early hours of the first Easter, when women were charged to announce the resurrection of Jesus, to the state of the contemporary church, where women outnumber men in pews and positions of service. But as central as women have been, they’ve also found themselves regularly marginalized–and not only in the church but in the neighborhoods, cities and societies they inhabit. Sometimes they’ve had to endure the well-intended biases or benign neglect of the leaders of their communities; sometimes they’ve been sidelined by their own crises of confidence. Sometimes they’ve had to contend with both at once. Women who doubt their influence, who struggle to accept their distinct strengths and talents for what they are–gifts given through them to the world–suffer for it. The church, and really all of society, suffers with them. Jo Saxton invites women to discover (or rediscover) the gifts and talents that God has vested in us, and more important, the calling he has placed on each of us to seek first the kingdom of God where we are.

I’ve written this before, my since we’ve left Fundamentalism, our marriage has gotten so much better. My wife is no longer the object that serves my physical needs and takes care of my children, but she is an equal partner in my life.

Some forms of Christianity place women only as wives and mothers, making their lives revolve around sex. This should not be so…

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5 Replies to “Book Announcement: More Than Enchanting: Breaking Through Barriers to Influence Your World @ivpress”

  1. This may be a great book, but WHY do books targeted at women always have flowers on them? Do the publishers think that flowers trigger some kind of unconscious response in women that says “pick me?” Only when floral book covers go out of style will women be truly free.

    1. You know…. that seems to be a good point. I’m not sure…. maybe the author picked the cover out? I mean, when I get published, it’s going to have a cover of sports, hunting, war and half-clothed women and it’s not even going to be about any of that stuff! 😉

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