Book Announcement: For Our Good Always

You can get it from Eisebrauns here!

You can find the image cover here: High Res Cover (Final) Small

With a title adapted from Moses’ statement in Deut 6:24, For Our Good Always is a collection of new essays on the message of Deuter- onomy and its infuence on Christian Scripture. These studies from a range of evangelical perspectives come from an international group of specialists made up of Daniel Block’s colleagues, friends, and former students. Many contributors are leaders in their areas of interest, and this volume has allowed them to show how their specializations over- lap with the study of Deuteronomy. Other scholars are younger, some Block’s former students, who are here summarizing or building upon their previous work for the benefit of the broader world. All who have contributed to this project (and others who were unable) are delighted to honor Daniel Block with this volume and are so grateful to God for the way this man has served as a steward of God’s grace into our lives and into the broader world (1 Pet 4:10–11).

You can see the entire front matter here:

For Our Good Always – Front Matter

Wheaton Blog has a great send up.

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