Book Reminder: “Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism”

SPCK has the title in June (around the 20th) while Baker has it is in November, just in time for SBL:

This book proposes to introduce and discuss the relationship between historical criticism and Christian theology, in the hope of addressing the relative paucity of evangelical engagement with historical-critical scholarship. The book posits that this dearth of evangelical interaction depends in large part upon a concern that historical criticism leads inexorably to theological conclusions that are at odds with Christian orthodoxy. As such, this work includes essays on eight of the most provocative topics of critical investigation: the Fall, the Exodus, the Conquest, the Covenant as a Post-Exilic Phenomenon, Pseudepigraphy, Prophecy, the Historical Jesus, and the Paul of Acts versus the Paul of the Epistles.

I’ll get a copy, but don’t wait on my review to pre-order!

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