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My friends, you’re going to think that I’ve lost it, but I do think that a Christian worldview is important and essential in a life of faith. For me, Faith is not about a belief, or a momentary acknowledging of “Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior”… but Faith goes beyond that an is incorporated into every thing we do.

From Kregel:

What does it mean to think and live Christianly in a world of competing worldviews? Christian Contours answers this question by inviting readers to consider the understanding of reality proposed by the Bible. Though it is easy to divide life into separate compartments (religious and secular, theological and practical), faith invites us to view all of life in the light of that Biblical understanding. Presenting a clear, compelling case for unity in essential Christian tenets, the authors of Christian Contours guide the reader through developing, internalizing, and articulating a biblical worldview. This robust worldview enables the Christian to be a critically-thinking participant in culture and to be a faithful disciple of Christ with both heart and mind.

This is from an interview with Dr. Huffman:

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