Book Reminder: @BakerAcademic’s Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World

This useful, concise introduction to the worlds around the New Testament focuses on seven key moments in the centuries before and after Jesus. It enlightens readers about the beginnings of the Christian movement, showing how religious, political, and economic factors were interwoven in the fabric of the New Testament world.

Leading New Testament scholar Warren Carter has a record of providing student-friendly texts. This introduction offers a “big picture” focus and is logically and memorably organized around seven events, which Carter uses as launching pads to discuss larger cultural dynamics and sociohistorical realities that were in some way significant for followers of Jesus and the New Testament. Photos and maps are included.

This is Warren Carter’s latest offering — and I am very happy to see Baker carrying it, for a variety of reason. As anyone knows, I am pretty sure Carter’s reading of empire in John and Matthew are dead on.

Anyway, get the book.

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4 Replies to “Book Reminder: @BakerAcademic’s Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World”

  1. Nice. I’m hooked in with NetGalley and this book just popped up under Baker Ac. I’ve requested it; see if I get it.

    Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with Warren Carter. If you had to pick one other book to recommend of his, which would it be?

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