Bonaventure – “If you could perceive the splendor… of Mary”

Saint Bonaventure
Saint Bonaventure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you could perceive the splendor and magnitude of this flame sent down from heaven, the refreshing breeze that came down with it, the consolation it poured forth; if you could understand the loftiness of Mary’s elevation, the glorification of humanity, the condescension of divine Majesty; if you could hear the Virgin singing her delight; if you could accompany her into the hill country and witness how the woman who had been barren embraced her and greeted her with words by which the tiny servant recognized his Lord, the herald announced the Judge, the voice proclaimed the Word—oh, surely then, together with the Blessed Virgin,* you would most sweetly sing this holy canticle: “My soul magnifies the Lord …”; surely, then, together with the infant prophet, you would joyfully and jubilantly adore the marvel of the virgin conception.

Saint Bonaventure, Mystical Opuscula (trans. José De Vinck; The Works of Bonaventure: Cardinal Seraphic Doctor and Saint; Paterson, NJ: St. Anthony Guild Press, 1960), 105–106.

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