Boldness: The Center of the Old Testament

Kevin Edgecomb at Biblicalia writes,

….I’ll get right to it: the center of the Old Testament is the Anointed, the Son of David. Everything revolves around him: from his appearance to his absence, thoughout the books of Israel collected into our Old Testaments, the sun around which everything revolves is the Son of David.

Read the whole thing, but he concludes,

…In short, regarding Christological interpretation of the Old Testament, I say: Bring it on! The more, the better. This is only the proper exegesis that can be expected of these writings because of their origins.

I completely agree…

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4 Replies to “Boldness: The Center of the Old Testament”

  1. Ha! Oh Well. Personally, in the realm of theology – which always takes precedence, we must continue to examine every aspect of the bible through the lens of Christ, less we forget who we are looking at.

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