*political post: Boehner, and me, and you, and everyone else is being blackmailed by the Tea Party

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You know most of my politics, no doubt, but I try to refrain from getting involved, via the blog, with various political issues of the day, unless they intersect with religion. I have to step out of that for a minute, because while I believe that this does intersect with religion (via dominionism and the Manhattan Declaration), my views here are overtly partisan.

Mike Lee, the senator from Utah, presented the cut, cap, and balance bill which included the little caveat that the Congress must, MUST, pass a balanced budget amendment before the debt-ceiling could be raised. That is political hostage-taking. Further, House Speaker Boehner said today that he recognized that many in his caucus wished to see chaos.

BOEHNER: Well, first they want more. And my goodness, I want more too. And secondly, a lot of them believe that if we get passed August the second and we have enough chaos, we could force the Senate and the White House to accept a balanced budget amendment. I’m not sure that that — I don’t think that that strategy works. Because I think the closer we get to August the second, frankly, the less leverage we have vis a vis our colleagues in the Senate and the White House.

Mitch McConnell and others have already said that elections didn’t work so now they have to amend the constitution. I’m not opposed to amending the Constitution, but I find it frightening that we are to the situation of political hostage-taking.

By the way – cut spending, get us out of the two wars, and raise revenues by closing tax-loop-holes and decreasing the overall tax rates. And, get rid of the Tea Party.

Further, stop signing pledges. Elected officials take an oath – that should be their governing principle.

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3 Replies to “*political post: Boehner, and me, and you, and everyone else is being blackmailed by the Tea Party”

  1. Not really everyone else. Not even me. Thankfully, irresponsible American politicians have no authority outside the U.S.

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