Blogging my Book: Day 3

So… I’ve got the table of contents right about where I want them…

My wife agreed to let me get a macbook if I got a book deal, but I didn’t and instead decided to purchase books. I have purchased a lot. At least one of the kids will not be going to college. Oh well…

I’ve written about 270 words of the introduction.

Next week, I am taking off to go to the Church Library to do some heavy duty writing. I figure I could get a good start on at least 4 of the 8 chapters during that week. That’s my plan, to work on a chapter a day each day next week. That way, everything is fresh and I don’t get bogged down.


I’ve contacted a PhD program which has asked to see the work in progress. I have decided that, unless they take the work as a Dissertation (unlikely), I will return to Revelation for my doctoral work. I mean, both were written by Mark….

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