Blogging my Book: “Wears a Green Carnation”

Actually… Oscar Wilde is mentioned in my book. But I was looking for a word that goes with some sub-headings in the work. Found this one. It’s in bold. It is also a scientific theory.

Comes from the fact that Oscar Wilde used to wear one.

Pretty boys, witty boys,
You may sneer
At our disintegration.
Haughty boys, naughty boys,
Dear, dear, dear!
Swooning with affectation…
And as we are the reason
For the “Nineties” being gay,
We all wear a green carnation. ”

—Noel Coward, 1929 , Bitter Sweet

I have thus far these three headings in discussing recent mimetic (or mimesis) studies in the Gospel of Mark:

  1. Dennis MacDonald and Mark’s Homer-textual Problem
  2. Thomas L. Brodie and Mimetic Reorientation
  3. Adam Winn and Textual Disintegration

Chapter 10, the conclusion, sums up some of the reasons for these devices. Thus far, I’ve been able to plug in Star Trek (although it may be mistaken as Shakespeare or another leveling group), Dr. Who, and even Lord of the Rings.

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