Blogging my Book: Wavering on the Historical Jesus

I’m just not sure how important the notion of the Historical Jesus is in the Gospels…

What? Did my title mislead you to suggest that I was actually thinking that, while writing a book based on the fact that Mark is using other sources to position Jesus, that I had somehow lost any touch with reality and became a mythicist?


But, I’ve often wondered if a Historical Jesus was indeed important to Mark. I mean, if he was going to use other sources and say that Jesus did something that maybe he didn’t do, then I’m unsure as to what attention Mark gave the historical Jesus.

Of course, Paul wrote of the Historical Jesus long before Mark did.

But, then it hit me. In Mark’s aurality, Jesus can be found. The reason Mark is writing is because people were comparing the Historical Jesus to the crisis at hand and finding the Historical Jesus coming up short. Oh? You don’t think that can happen in just a generation? To take a somewhat similar example, look at the election of 1803.

Anyway, I am changing my mind regarding the importance of the Historical Jesus in Mark.

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