Blogging my Book: The Front Cover of my Mark book

Just got the proof in today. There you go…

my book cover

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10 Replies to “Blogging my Book: The Front Cover of my Mark book”

    1. I guess you have to buy the book to find out (I have no idea – I don’t get to design it, nor really approve it. But, I’ll tell you anything to get you to buy the book)

  1. I still think it’s strange that you didn’t get much say about the cover, but maybe that’s the norm. What do I know about publishing?!? Anyway, congrats! And, I hope that have a blog tour or something like it when it’s released. Any idea when that will be?

    1. some publishers allow you some choice in the cover design, but it is limited. I could strongly oppose the cover, but not any real grounds.

      I guess the autumn leaves are there because of the autumn fall of Jerusalem? (Work with me here, people)

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