Blogging my Book: The Forms of Prayer, Wesley and Rome

Title page of Book of Common Prayer, Scotland 1637
Title page of Book of Common Prayer, Scotland 1637 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While working on my current project, I changed the design just a bit. Why? I knew I would take chapters 2-3 and 17-18 in Revelation as prayers of confession. Well, I liked this format so much, I decided to try some other chapters in this manner.

Of course, not all chapters give way so easily to acting as prayers of confessions.

For instance chapter 5. No need for a confession there.

So, that got me to thinking. Are there types of prayers?

Come to find out, both Wesley and Rome describe four essential types or forms of prayer.

According to the Association for Catechumenal Ministry, the forms of prayer are

  • adoration,
  • contrition,
  • thanksgiving, and
  • supplication (or intercessory)

Wesley, according to a pamphlet he produced with written prayers he encouraged others to use, suggested four as well. They are

  • deprecation (penitence/confession),
  • petition,
  • thanksgiving, and
  • intercession

This should be familiar enough to you Anglicans since they seem to come from the Book of Common Prayer. And you know, since Wesley was a high church Anglican.

Side by side, they don’t look too far off.

Chapter 5 can be nothing else exception a prayer of adoration, I think.

Anyway, some interesting stuff here.

And I am going to make chapter 16 an intercessory prayer

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