Blogging my Book – Oh, Tom now… come on… it’s all about reception

I need to stay away from any reviews or comments about my book for a considerable out of time.

Oh, wait? My book, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark, is on sale now.

But, Tom messaged this morning with a suggestion that I mistake the intention and tenor of his co-edited, along side noted scholars Thomas Thompson, book, Is this Not the Carpenter? He suggests that I have labeled his book a mythicist book.

Not really, but it does contain certain mythicist elements.

A few things here. First, I tried to put in various people, friends, and their works. That’s how I roll.

Second, I don’t think I implied that it is a fully mythicist book – I mean, Jim has an essay in there and he is not nuts.

Third, Tom, dude, it’s all about reception. You know, post-structuralism and all.

There are tons, maybe just pounds, of different left-overs in the book. Such as Dr. Who, a serious shout out to Dr. James McGrath, which judging by his endorsement, he got.


I’m going to stay away from reviews for a bit. For a few reasons, but mainly because I get my feelings hurt real easy like and I don’t want to cry.

Also, as much grief as I give Tom, we talk a good deal on the phone and have a lot of shared interests. It’s like Rodney and I. He is clearly a nut, but God bless ’em, he’s okay.

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