Blogging my Book: Day 8 – 22000 words in, 53K to go….

I’ve been camped out in the library at my church for the last couple of days. I sat the goal for each day at 5000 words. I have so far met it and then some.

I am tired of writing, however. I am going to skip a chapter tomorrow, because it deserves, as well as a set-up to the over all thesis, to be really fleshed out. Instead, I’m going to write a chapter on Mark’s possible sources. I think my strategies here are to give what I think are relevant to Mark’s compositional time frame.

One of the things I ran into today, and something I may change later, is that while working on the portion of the chapter devoted to ]], I had to really watch my language. I don’t want to come off antagonistic, but honestly, except for his criteria and the allowance for imitation, his thesis is thoroughly flawed. I feel like I could almost write an entire book on just how wrong he is, but I suspect that has already been done.

Instead, I tried to pick just a few examples of where his theory falls flat. I still might have to work on the language in the section.

I also examined ]] and ]]. Both of these scholars have a more substantive application and while I do think that they deserve merit, they didn’t go far enough. One of the things which unit them is the use of Livy as the singular example of dramatic history. Livy mimicked one source. Mark didn’t. I do happen to know that their is an allowance for a variety of sources though, at least by Winn.

So, tomorrow, I will work on highlighting Mark’s sources as I see them.

I’m tired. Goodnight.

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