Blogging my book – Day 5 – Seeking humility

I am a Masters’ Student at a Seminary. With a book deal. With Wipf and Stock.

Granted, publishing a book doesn’t make me an expert, but this will not be a novel, or other lite-fare. I intend this to be a┬ádissertation-lite monograph.

So, here is the deal. I actually want to always be a student. No, not a life time college student, but a student of those whom I respect, even if they haven’t published a book as of yet.

I am seeking a few directed studies courses, from a favorite professor of mine. I still want to be taught.

That’s my thought all day today. How do I remain a student, if, even, one day I will be a scholar?

My other thought was about the introduction. I am afraid that it mirrors too strongly Dr. Winn’s introduction to his book. Of course, I go further, but in particular, I cover the faults, as I see them, in source, form, and redaction criticism. I also cover rhetorical criticism and urge that mimetic criticism will fit neatly into Narrative Criticism, but make use of form. Of course, this may just be some jitters.

I consider plagiarism next to blasphemy. So, I am being careful. Not sure yet if I will change it, but it is as it is.

Next week, I will be working on getting to 35000 words. That is about half way. That is also about 4 chapters worth. My focus will be to work on the Son of Man v Son of God portion, plus several set up chapters.

We’ll see…

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5 Replies to “Blogging my book – Day 5 – Seeking humility”

  1. Novels are not necessarily “lite-fare”, at least they are not light-fare to write, if one wants to do it properly to the best of one’s ability. Try writing one! [I have. It took me three years of rewriting.]

    1. I have one to actually write, but…

      I don’t mean to say that it is lite-fare, but I mean that it is a different thing to write fiction and another to write one which people will get really, really mad about for challenging their presuppositions about Scripture

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