Blogging my Book: Dalmanutha – Resources Needed

This is in references to Mark 8.10.

I’m looking for any resources one may have on it.

I think I know what Mark meant by it.

But I want to be sure.


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6 Replies to “Blogging my Book: Dalmanutha – Resources Needed”

  1. I am not sure this will help with Mimetic Criticism. They made two crossings of the sea. I can tell you the day they first crossed over was Tuesday Night April 8 A.D. 32. Why a Passover journey and so the crowds could not follow and so as to not reap a harvest of the gentiles during the Jubilee year. It was to encounter the Pharisees but so they could not follow them to Caesarea Philippi. I don’t mention Dalmanutha by name but see on my site ChronologyJesus.pdf page 53-54. You will have to read more to understand how the event can be dated.
    Grace and Peace,

    1. Thanks, Bruce.

      Mimetic Criticism is a new type of scriptural criticism which seeks to get to the sources of the Gospel, rhetorical or otherwise. Dalmanutha, at least the source of it, I believe, is due to Mark’s purpose of his gospel.

  2. Can I assume you know about the Zalmon theory? The Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek consonant shift? Zalmon — Dalmonu-tha..some even say Mt. Salmon –> Mt. Hermon..Psalm 68:14

    1. Yes, but that is wrong and doesn’t fit with Mark’s purpose or overall rhetorical strategy. Further, Matthew gives the proper name for it.

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