Blogging my book: Clementine Gnosis and Modern Mysticism?

Therefore the Gnostic prays in thought during every hour, being by love allied to God. And first he will ask forgiveness of sins; and after, that he may sin no more; and further, the power of well-doing and of comprehending the whole creation and administration by the Lord, that, becoming pure in heart through the knowledge, which is by the Son of God, he may be initiated into the beatific vision face to face, having heard the Scripture which says, “Fasting with prayer is a good thing.”

I am currently examining the beatific vision in Revelation 4 — you know, the necessary follow-up to penance and the eucharist (chapters 2 and 3).

I have long struggled with Clement of Alexandria because of his mention of Gnostic Christians. Rodney has been helpful in this regard. After careful study, it seems for him, Gnostic means nothing more than how we might properly use mystic (Julian of Norwich and not John Crowder).

So, when I place this quote into my book, I will change the word gnostic to mystic.

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