Blogging My Book – Ahead… ahead of schedule!!!

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My 3rd book is less autobiographical, not so academic, but theological. It is…

Well… this is ONLY a working, raw, rough draft of the description.

Much like the Book of Revelation, Watts aims to pull his readers into a deeper spirituality.  Drawing from the rich well of Christianity mystics and theologians from across the ecumenical experience, Watts uses the Apocalypse, the most misunderstood book in the Christian canon, to build a series of prayers and devotions aimed at increasing what he calls the contemplative unity and the certain unity between the individual and Christ.

Each chapter of Revelation is considered, explored, and finally used as a basis to draft prayers. Added to this is an application commentary, exploring ancient liturgical practices similar to the scenes in Revelation while looking at Revelation in a mystical manner.

The deadline is 1 Nov for the manuscript to the publisher. This is leaving me four solid weeks to seek endorsers, refine, refine, and refine.

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