Bishop Willimon on #GC2012 – Grand Slam

While General Conference dithered, the Council of Bishops drastically reorganized, streamlined and economized our work, realigning ourselves to lead vital congregations.  Effective bishops are not awaiting General Conference permission to lead the UMC into a more vital future.  Now that General Conference has snubbed the bishops’ attempt to renew and to lead the general church’s moribund mechanisms, perhaps we can recommit to the historic practices of the episcopacy— preaching, teaching, and guarding the faith.

And the next time one of you has the temerity to whine about waste at General Conference, the loss of a couple of generations of young Christians, the ineffectiveness of a general church board or agency, or the infidelity of Methodism in retreat I will say, “I share your concern.  It’s a shame you weren’t in Tampa.”

via Bishop Willimon on GC2012 and ‘church by committee’ – The United Methodist Reporter.

You know… I know that this is going to get me in trouble, but I agree with him.

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