Biblical Worldly thoughts on Love Wins

I do want to mention one important disclaimer. What I do over the next few days is not intended to be a full blown review of Bell’s book. There is a lot in this book to discuss, too much for a one-off blog post. And as I will make clear at the end, that is one of the weaknesses of the book. In my opinion, Bell has bitten off more than he or his readers possibly can be expected to chew in one book (barely 200 pages long, some of which have as little as 150 words on a page). Much, much more can and should be said. I have three areas which I want to address as they relate to Bell’s book: exegesis, the concept of hell and the salvation of humanity. Beginning tomorrow, each one of these areas will be the focus of my daily blogging.

via The Biblical World: Love Wins: My Thoughts on an attempt at asking some important questions (Part I).

You can find part 2 and part 3 here.

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  1. Rob uses exegesis in this book? All I saw was a sprinking of scriptures that he used to support his (or what he describes as everyone elses) point of view. No real/supportive exegesis in this book.

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