Biblical books and Country music, part 2 – Romans

Call it a hobby…but I like figuring out ways to get my point across. One of the best ways is using pop culture references.

Anyway, this is another in the series of using country music to discuss Scripture. This time, it is Romans.

Can you guess why?

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3 Replies to “Biblical books and Country music, part 2 – Romans”

  1. Oh oh! I guess I didn’t connect it. But instead of country western, maybe it’s more like political campaign fund raising, “say what your audience wants to hear”, otherwise you don’t get the donations that you seek (missionary effort to Spain needs money, and your audience are a rather diverse crowd in Rome?). I guess I am being influenced by Ehrman, How Jesus Became God, which I am reading now. Example, Paul is not a big “How Jesus Became God” fan, but more a “How God Became Jesus” fan. But according to Ehrman, Paul quotes a pre-Pauline creed in Romans 1:3-4, “Who was descended from the seed of David according to the flesh, who was APPOINTED Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his RESURRECTION from the dead” (Caps are my addition). So Paul seems to want to cover all bases in his fund raising campaign. Smart cookie. There was probably a certain % of rich donors that were, as they say, occasional switch-hitters.

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