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BibleWorks 8 is an in depth program – and can be somewhat daunting when you first open it up. I have spent many years with another program, which simply does not have the features that I grew to wanting. Yet, those features translate to new skills.

In continuing my review on BibleWorks 8, I want to focus on the in-program help which is provided with the software itself. Not in book form, I have found that the study guides offer detailed instruction through the medium which I learn best – showing me.

I simply do not have the time to study a new piece of software, to learn the shortcuts, and full use of it – yet, with these Study Guides (in subjects that you generally will ask for) it is easy to learn a new trick without having to search a book, or watch the entire video series.

For example, while watching the study guide on the flash card module, I found that I could limit my vocabulary to a specified range, such as John 1.1-1.18. It familiarizes a person with the sounds of the text, and indeed the Greek itself, or Hebrew if you are into that sort of thing. Further, it includes different vocabulary lists, both Hebrew and Greek. While I figured out that the module was there, because of the study guide (barely 2 minutes), I am able to get a full use out of it.

The one thing that will take some getting use to are the abbreviations. Just a different scheme than I am use to, but nothing too difficult to over come.

When it comes to studying the text, BW8 provides many tools, and the guides to go along with them, such as the Tischendorf Critical Apparatus, along with introductions and notes to that work. Further, this software provides the ability to compare different critical texts of the Greek New Testament, including the historical texts.

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Frankly, one of the issues with the purchase of any professional software is the cost+time to learn it. I have treated software pretty bad – leaving it on the shelf or forgetting about it – because the instructions are black and white photographs and a 1.800 number. With BibleWorks, I have found that the study guides are easy to follow, quick, to the point, and very beneficial for someone with little time to sit and get a Master’s degree in software design before I figure out to run the thing.

P.S. – I am taking my time with BibleWorks 8,  first because this software is new to me, and second, because it deserves it, so bare with me. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email me.

You may purchase BibleWorks 8 from:

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