Bible and Country Music – Tobit and “The Long Black Veil”

This doesn’t really apply to the entire book, but the ability of the person to see and know what it happening above his grave serves as the connection.

Plus, I really like the song.

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4 Replies to “Bible and Country Music – Tobit and “The Long Black Veil””

  1. But Tobit has so much more potential as a country western song.
    Bird poop in the eye blinds you.
    Noodling for fish with your foot.
    A bride with 7 bride grooms in-a-row dead on her wedding night, without consummation.
    Fish liver and heart used to finally complete her wedding night.
    Fish gall bladder cures blindness.
    If this isn’t country western, I don’t know what is…

  2. Nice to see this song getting some attention, but I like the Band’s version much better. If you haven’t listened to Music from Big Pink, you should!

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