Beyond Parody

It’s Saturday and I am ridding myself drafts of the week in preparation of my move. I found this one this past week. Thought it funny. Thought it sad. Read the whole thing.

This comment is obviously a parody of mainstream Christ-free Christianity.

Our non gender specific guardian,
Who art in a safe and non judgemental cocoon,
Hallowed be thy preferred choice of nomenclature.
Thy constitutional republic, come,
Thy mission statement reach fruition,
On our commune, as it is the Sustainable Ecosystem,
Give us this day our non exploitive, organic bruschetta with balsamic reduction,
And forgive us our oppresive thought crimes,
As we forgive those who oppress us with their thoughts,
And deliver us from fun and spontaneity,
For thine is the non threatening authority and the aspirational goal,
And so be it, if all of us are comfortable with that.

However, this is not a parody.

Lord of our diversity,
unite us all, we pray;
welcome us to fellowship
in your inclusive way.

It’s the opening verse of the hymn sung at the opening of the Anglican Communion’s meeting in Jamaica two weeks ago (hat tip Andrew Bolt).

Is Christ inclusive? Does He accept us just the way we are?

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