Bexarotene and Alzheimer’s – A New Hope?

I know that this generally has nothing to do with Christianity, but it is a fear of mine, personally, to end up with this. But… is there hope that a cure has been found?

Studies of the anticancer drug bexarotene have shown that, in mice, the drug quickly reverses the physiological, cognitive, and memory deficits which are characteristic of Alzheimer’s. More than half of the amyloid beta plaques associated with Alzheimer’s were cleared from the brain within hours, and normal behavioral patterns which had been blocked by the plaques were restored within 72 hours. (here)

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One Reply to “Bexarotene and Alzheimer’s – A New Hope?”

  1. I do hope the bexarotine drug gets more attention to get patented and be distributed to those with AD. This is a revolutionary discovery for our generation!
    The off-label bexarotine have been very expensive, although I’ve this website where they sell it for less price!

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