Benedict XVI on WYD

The encounter with the World Youth Day Cross, which is touched and carried, becomes an interior encounter with the One who died for us on the Cross. The encounter with the Cross awakens within the young people the remembrance of the God who chose to become man and to suffer with us.

Thus, the Pope himself is not the star around which everything revolves. He is completely and solely a Vicar. He points beyond himself to the Other who is in our midst. In the end, the solemn liturgy is the centre of the whole event, because in it there takes place something that we ourselves cannot bring about, yet something for which we are always awaiting. Christ is present. He comes into our midst. The heavens are rent and the earth filled with light. This is what makes life joyful and free, uniting people with one another in a joy that cannot be compared to the ecstasy of a rock festival.

Jesus is the One. Which Benedict states in this address. Why then does Benedict also refer to Jesus as “the Other who is in our midst”. As if he means ‘the Other One’. There is only One triune God, there is not Another One. Would hope that Benedict just used some bad terminology that day … And would hope the Benedict didn’t mean that he himself as Pope was a One with Jesus being the Other One, immediately after he said that he was just a Vicar.

Benedict XVI, Address to the Curia, December 22, 2008

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4 Replies to “Benedict XVI on WYD”

    1. I think that he was speaking of the Theological Other. In theology, ‘Other’ is often supplied to describe God’s presence, or the ‘other’ as the oppressed, the forgotten, the different.

  1. What Joel said.

    “Other” is frequently used to mean the Transcendent One, the One who is not created, mortal, fallible, contingent, sinful like us. It’s pretty obvious what Benedict means, really, and I fear that despite your best intentions some residual anti-catholic prejudice seems to be surfacing in that comment.

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