Beck on George MacDonald: Justice, Hell and Atonement

No, no, not Glenn Beck, but Richard Beck, a professor at Abilene Christian University and blogger. He writes,

This twofold notion of justice–an act of reconciliation requiring the participation of victims and perpetrators–is at the heart of MacDonald’s notion of God’s justice and atonement.

His post is intentionally provoking and can be read here:

via Experimental Theology: George MacDonald: Justice, Hell and Atonement.

You may also check out another blogger’s response. Thoughts? MacDonald is not the first to see mercy in God’s punishment, nor the first or last person to believe that God’s punishment is not eternal, but fits into the nature of God who had consistently punished Israel but brought them back.

You can down load George MacDonald’s sermons free for you Kindle – which is free on your pc, Android orĀ  Iphone4 (as long as you aren’t actually touching said Iphone4).

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