Batman should die in Dark Knight Rises – We need human superheroes

The Dark Knight Rises
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The current gossip is that Chris Nolan will kill Batman at the end of the Trilogy. Some are complaining:

Still, his death would upend the first rule of superheroes: They are beyond human and therefore out of reach of death’s mighty grasp. Batman as a symbol of good over evil is forever immortal. The character Bruce Wayne’s fate, however, is up in the air.

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We need superheroes that are human. This is why Superman has a difficult time taking off, if you will, any more because he is simply a god. He is the Adonis. Sure, he has kryptonite, but who really uses that? As a matter of fact, his one enduring weakness is still the human race.

But, Batman is human and has always been human. If he had been real, he’d either be dead or in jail by now. Most likely dead. He needs to die. And not come back. He needs to die in a sacrifice, like real heroes are prone to do, not win every fight and walk away with a few bruises.

As far as Bruce Wayne? He’s been dead for a long time; that’s why Bruce as a secret identity works, because it is i.d. fraud. Batman is living on borrowed time, and frankly, it is time that he gave it back, with interest. Let him die. Nolan will no doubt leave us only to wonder if Batman is really dead, seeing that he has taken his best writing talents from Mark’s Gospel and Lucan’s epic, but I will hope that he is dead.

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  1. I have read this same theory many times on the web and will not be disappointed if he dies at the end of the movie. However, I also read recently that Christian Bale would love to do a fourth Batman movie if Nolan directs again. This would indicate to me that Batman does not die in this one. Maybe.

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