Why This Baptist Thinks that Rick Warren Could Learn From Catholic Elizabeth Johnson

The other day, Joel posted on Rick Warren basically submitting himself to an Inquisition by that Torquemada himself Piper.

I prefer my theologians to be 3 things: Intelligent. Bold. And lastly and most importantly, HUMBLE. James Hal Cone may seem abrasive in my writing, but he is a very humble man, and he has accepted criticism. That is why I like him.

Elizabeth Johnson has joined my list.

I write these observations in the spirit of the Egyptian bishop Athanasius. I’ve always appreciated his words, written during the conflict that ensued after the Council of Nicea when three groups contended vociferously over the right way to express Jesus Christ’s divine identity. Athanasius, who upheld the homoousios (one in being) teaching of the Council, noted that his party and the homoiousios party (similar in being), originally perceived as opponents, were actually on the same side as compared with the subordinationist Arian position. In the effort to forge unity, he wrote: those, however, who accept everything else that was defined at Nicea, and doubt only about the homoousios, must not be treated as enemies; nor do we here attack them as Ario-maniacs, nor as opponents of the Fathers; but we discuss the matter with them as brothers with brothers, who mean what we mean, and dispute only about the words. (De Synodis 41)

To read the rest, go here at Political Jesus.

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