The church right down the street from me has a message on one side of their sign that reads:

The wages of sin are death.

Quit before payday.

At first glance, this might seem to be a solid biblical statement. I mean, they’re paraphrasing St. Paul, right?

Actually, in their attempt to be pithy, they have done nothing more make bad bumper sticker theology.

  1. The implication of the sign is that we can do this on our own. It reeks of works righteousness!
  2. It completely ignores grace and the cross. If we can do this on our own, then Christ’s death and resurrection means nothing.
  3. Because there is no message of grace, there is only fear.

But we do know that Christ’s death and resurrection means something. In that, Christ conquered the power of sin Amber Jewelry Tea Set, death and the Devil. 

I could come up with some pithy statement of my own, but would probably fall victim to the same trap of bumper sticker theology.

If you come across Bad Church Sign Theology, take a picture and shoot me an email.