Baby On the Way

Yep baby on the way! I was right!

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34 Replies to “Baby On the Way”

  1. Congradulations!

    May God bless your wife with a speedy and as painless as possible delivery. May God keep you, your wife and children (newest one included) healthy.

  2. congrats!!!!

    (and what a devious way to climb to #1. if i werent almost 50 maybe i would have considered it- but having a child graduate from high school when you’re 70 is a bad idea).


    best to the misses! and be sure to post some photos of the little one when you can!

  3. It’s so exciting to read about the development. It’s almost but not quite as good as being there in person. Our love goes out to you and Leigh Anne, your children and little Sophia, and your midwife. Any second now and she’ll be born!! Modern technology is wonderful.

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