Awesome Quote of the Morning – Trinity, Revelation, Mystery, Sola Scriptura

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From here:

You blur the lines by talking about “THE CHURCH” in equal status with the Bible. Sola Scriptura is dead; contemporary discussions on the Trinity are evidence of that.

Rodney goes on, in this post here, to counter again the Irish ‘This Week, I’m a Reformed’ Anglican, when he writes,

T.C. Robinson’s post on the Trinity has stirred quite the conversation. I don’t mind the debate at all; it is just my hope that Christians who are Trinitarian, as I profess recognize a few things: 1) non-trinitarians ARE our sisters and brothers in the faith; they just have a different understanding of the relationships between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 2), The doctrine of the Trinity is a teaching in development and is a product of interpretation passed down by tradition, and that is why the early Church mothers and father proclaimed it as a MYSTERY not an additional revelation.

Although he goes on to say something about the Economic Trinity (cough, cough, Marcellus of Ancyra had it right)…


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2 Replies to “Awesome Quote of the Morning – Trinity, Revelation, Mystery, Sola Scriptura”

  1. Is mystery something that can be (or is) revealed?
    What is the difference between a mystery that has been understood through revelation and “additional revelation”? Is there a difference?

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