I am new, and thanks to Joel for inviting me to contribute.

First, a little about me. I am from New Zealand, and have a bachelor degree in “ministries” (technically its called “BMin” = its like a BTheol with a focus on practical application of “theory”). My focus was on a the theology and philosophy of education, especially amongst young adults in the Church.

I’m married (to an American), and have a 3 yr old daughter. I am of no particular theological bent, although, probably closest to something along the lines of reformed. I was fortunate in that I went to seminary after only having been a Christian a short time, and was given tools to workout what I need to know for myself. So, I don’t know everything about everything, or even much about anything, but I am certainly opinionated. OH.. and Rev mark Stevens sucks 😛 (jokes, jokes, just jokes).

I run a few websites, most notably, and

Feel free to ask me about rugby, or my wonderful country, or anything really.

So, authority.

What does it mean to let Jesus (God) be the authority in your “life” (ie, over you)?

It does not mean that you are going to be given a whole bunch of rules and regulations that you must comply with, because that would be AUTHORITARIAN, in the same way a dictator would be.

What it does mean is that you let God be authoritative about what is required for life. If you go, say, to a doctor, you ask him what he thinks is wrong, and he gives you his opinion. You (generally) accept that as being accurate because the Doctor is an AUTHORITY on things medical. The Doctor says “this is what I recommend”, and you choose to act on that information because you do, or do not accept his/her authority in the area.

So, when you decide to accept that God is the AUTHORITY on life, you follow his advice and guidelines, you will truly find freedom. And you will find that by re-educating yourself to learn to live in a different “kingdom” with a different kind of society and a different culture, you will learn that God is the AUTHORITY, and that you must rely on His instruction.

Gal 5:1 For Freedom Christ has set us free.

(note, Paul didnt say “freewill” – he said FREEDOM – but I digress).


And Go the ALL BLACKS.

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