Work ahead for WCA

The Wesleyan Covenant Association has issued their “Chicago Statement”, even though they don’t meet in Chicago until tomorrow. Never mind

Society and Religion

A Common Theme

I’ve delayed writing this for a while, because I was waiting for some of the ‘sharp edges’ to come off

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What happens in a marriage ceremony?

Recently, I had a long drive to the East coast. As normally happens when I have a lot of windshield

Society and Religion

Where’d They All Go?

As we all know, many denominations of the Christian Church in America have been losing members over the last several

Religion and Politics

There’s plenty to go around

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, we have heard from many people about what the core problem may be

United Methodist Church

A response to William Abraham’s “The Rebirth of Methodism” (McCann)

As a layman, I am always humbled by the thoughts of distinguished Methodist scholars like Dr. Abraham. They have insights