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Choose the hill you want to die on

A good portion of my life has been violent. From working as a teenager as a bouncer, to working as


Literally Leviticus, an alliteratory allusion to uniquely unite contemporary and conservative christians

LITERAL (noun) “Conforming or limited to the simplest, nonfigurative, or most obvious meaning of a word or words.” I will

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The New Inquisition

DISCLAIMER! The Catholic Church was the dominant faith tradition of the time when the inquisition began. I believe that any


When Christians love theology more than people

http://sojo.net/blogs/2014/01/22/when-christians-love-theology-more-people I really wish that I could claim writing this particular blog. (I also wish I knew how to make

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The ‘ISM’ trap

It saddens me, but it seems that we, as a society, have fallen into the most devious of traps that


One of those days…

This took place a few days ago (the 17th I think) and had a profound effect on me. I have

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Someone invited me?

There is something that is always both flattering and frightening when someone invites you to a thing. Both of those