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To the conservative church leaders…whomever you are

The news has broken that several conservative church leaders met, via conference call, to discuss many matters. I don’t suspect


Confessions of a comic book nerd.

So, Sunday I went to the theater to see the newest Captain America movie. I highly recommend it. It has

Religion and Politics

What’s next?

So the Mozilla CEO lasted 11 days. Let’s be clear about this, he did nothing wrong on the job. He

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Feel free to disregard, just an angry and frustrated rant

“From my perspective, folk who are trying to position themselves in the middle seem to be sometimes doing so in

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Fight church

The first rule of fight church is you don’t talk about fight church. You argue, debate, threaten to and in


The question

As technology, ideas and the world itself moves ever forward, the christian church has been grappling with the difficult questions.

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The New Fundamentalism

One of the good things about the fundamentalist movement in its origins was that it set five basic tenants of


The inevitable post

Rather than respond directly to the well thought out and intelligent post by Kevin M. Carnahan, I have chosen rather