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Thoughts on schism…part 4,327

“I am the church you are the church we are the church together. All who follow Jesus all around the


Three words

“It is finished”. Found in the gospel of John (John 19:30), these three simple words changed everything. It is fair


The Starbucks strategy

In 2012 there were about 11,000 Starbucks in the United States. If you add in other chains as well as


What I learned at the egg hunt

At my church, as in many churches I suspect, there is an Easter egg hunt. It occurred last Saturday. I’m

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Couldn’t say it better

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-dannemiller/guide-to-christian-outrage_b_5080062.html As I was trying to sort my thoughts out to write something similar to this, it was emailed to



This Sunday is Palm Sunday and also the Sunday that I will join my local UMC. It is technically a

United Methodist Church

To the conservative church leaders…whomever you are

The news has broken that several conservative church leaders met, via conference call, to discuss many matters. I don’t suspect


Confessions of a comic book nerd.

So, Sunday I went to the theater to see the newest Captain America movie. I highly recommend it. It has