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These things fairly regularly pop up on my FB page. I am fairly certain that all of you have seen

Religion and Politics

Primary Day

It is primary day in Ohio. People will be out to vote on issues, candidates and the like across Ohio.


Review of @KregelBook’s “Zombie Church, Breathing Life Back into the Body of Christ” (Fritzsche)

Be sure to check out Zombie Church on Kregel’s website. Zombie Church, at first glance seems to be nothing more


What I want in my church

I suspect that there have been many blog posts similar to this, so figured that I would take my crack

Religion and Politics

The outrage of it all

In the news this week is the owner of the Clippers professional basketball team making disturbing, inappropriate and distasteful racial remarks.

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The Great Re-Brand

Re-branding is all the craze lately. Anytime your product or organization gets a black eye, you re-brand it so that


The lie

Over the course of my life I have of course had many changes. As a young and inexperienced Christian I

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Thoughts on schism…part 4,327

“I am the church you are the church we are the church together. All who follow Jesus all around the