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Fight church

The first rule of fight church is you don’t talk about fight church. You argue, debate, threaten to and in


The question

As technology, ideas and the world itself moves ever forward, the christian church has been grappling with the difficult questions.

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The New Fundamentalism

One of the good things about the fundamentalist movement in its origins was that it set five basic tenants of


The inevitable post

Rather than respond directly to the well thought out and intelligent post by Kevin M. Carnahan, I have chosen rather



It’s been a rough day, so just a short example of how the ways we choose to view things affect


Sodom and {insert your community here}

There is a massive misunderstanding in the church about what the “sin of Sodom” actually was, but I will get


The Numbers

On average about 25,000 people died of starvation today. On average about 287 Christians were martyred today. On average about

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Choose the hill you want to die on

A good portion of my life has been violent. From working as a teenager as a bouncer, to working as