Be Upset About Facts

Many people are upset about New York’s revised abortion law, and there are many things to be upset about. From


Toward a Theology of Mental Health and Wholeness (1)

My project for the new year has been to make an attempt at a theology dealing with mental health. While


Can We Talk Intelligently Please?

I don’t like a double standard. I don’t really think any of us do, unless of course they favor us,

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Heads Meet Tails

There has been a large dust up in Arizona about the science curriculum and evolution and intelligent design (creationism). Here is

Religion and Politics

Prophets, Walls, and Trump

A recent trend has developed. No, not recent, but rather an old trend, that is taking a new form, of

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IS the WCA Violating It’s Own Principles?

I, as well as many others, have pointed to the United Methodist Church Judicial Council rulings in criticism of the

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Demonizing Illness…is it again, or is it still?

“Then on the following day, as they came down the hill-side, a great crowd met him. Suddenly a man from


Crossing Swords

I have, according to many, committed the unforgivable sin. I dared to have concerns about  the Wesleyan covenant Association. Have no fear